1969 – CII founded in East Wenatchee. Work begins on Wenatchee Valley Mall
 (WVM) project.
1973 – Phase I of the WVM opens (Sears and 40,000 square feet of shops).
1975 – Ernst opens at WVM.
1976 – Shakey’s Pizza (currently Country Inn) marks the start of the Village
  East Center development project.
1978 - Phase II of WVM is completed (Demo of balance of Eastmont Center,
  connection made between Phase I and Buttrey, including Lamonts).


1980 – Village East Center development continues with the 636 and 610
  office buildings.
1982 – Dan Barr, graduate of UW Business College, begins employment with CII.
1983 – Forest Glen (40 lot/80 acre recreational subdivision)
 in Lake Wenatchee area.
1986 – Dan Barr hired as Manager for WVM and EI properties,
  operations and leasing.
1990 – Bob Barr retires. Dan assumes day to day control of CII.
1991 – Dawn Dalton joins CII as Bookkeeper and Lease Administrator.
1993 – Dan Barr achieves CSM designation from ICSC.
1993 – WVM sells, CII retains management.
1994 – Bob and Doreen sell CII to Dan.


1997 – CII begins 3rd party management of Eastpoint Plaza,
 a new direction for CII.
1999 – Mission Plaza, LLC forms and purchases the former Zittings property
 at 5th and Mission, Wenatchee.
1999 – WVM sells to Center Oak Properties, Inc.
2000 – CII retained by Center Oak to manage and lease WVM and
  Valley North Center.
2000 – Valley North Center re-development project


2003 – PNW Bank branch at Grant and Eastmont purchased and then leased to
  Numerica Credit Union.
2000 – Redevelopment of Mission Village begins.
2000-01 – Wenatchee Valley Mall redevelopment project.
2001 – Chaun Birks joins CII, initially as Yakima area leasing agent for the
  Valley Mall in Union Gap.
2002-07 – Valley Mall, Union Gap re-development project.

VALLEY MALL - Union Gap, WA.

2003 – PNW Bank branch at Grant and Eastmont purchased and then leased to
  Numerica Credit Union.
2003 – Village East Center sells to Star1 LLC.
2004 – 517 Building is purchased with a group of investors and renovated as a
  multi-tenant office building, with CII providing management,
  leasing and consultation.


2005 – Grant & Eastmont LLC forms and purchases former Maid O' Clover at
  Grant and Eastmont.
2006 – Center Oak Properties sells WVM to Passco, CII purchases last pad on the
  corner of 3rd & Valley Mall Parkway, forms Valley Parkway LLC.
2006 – Mission Village sells.


2007 – CII initiates management and leasing for the Exchange Building.
2007 – CII finalizes Jack in the Box deal at 5th and Mission in Wenatchee.
2007 – 517 Building sells to Banner Bank, CII retains management and leasing.
2007 – Yelm Holdings purchases land in Omak for Starbucks development.
2008 – Jack in the Box constructs and opens at 5th and Mission in Wenatchee
 after a 17 year absence.
2008 – CII develops Valley Parkway Pad building (WVM corner pad).


2008 – CII develops Omak project for Yelm Holdings, LLC, 5,700 square foot
  retail shops building with a Starbucks drive through and Gamestop.
2008 – CII purchases last pad at Valley North Center, forms Springwater
  Ventures, LLC.
2009 – Banner Bank sells 517 Building to LeMaster & Daniels.
2009 - CII develops Springwater project with Great Harvest Bread Co., Spring
  Lotus, and Lemon Grass Natural Foods. Culminates as a health-themed
  shop/retail component of the Valley North Center.


2009 - Jack in the Box deal at Maid O’Clover site finalized.
2009 - CII finalizes four years of consultation and brokerage work with the
  successful re-location of Weinstein Beverage.